Update: Please refer to the new project homepage: http://svnadmin.insanefactory.com/

The iF.SVNAdmin application is a web based GUI to your Subversion authorization file. It is based on PHP 5.3 and requires a web server (Apache) to be installed. The application doesn’t need a database back end or anything similar, it completely based on the Subversion authorization- and user authentication file. (Inludes LDAP support for users and groups)

License: GPLv2
Contact us for special purposes.

Important Note for LDAP users!

The LDAP integration is currently limited to retrieve 1000 datasets (users/groups) from Active Directory or OpenLdAP. If you want to managed more than 1000 users or groups… you can’t. Sorry… (next release will get around this problem – probably with a Perl script).

Download & Screenshots

The application can be downloaded from the sourceforge download page.

Sources are on GitHub: https://github.com/mfreiholz/iF.SVNAdmin


  1. Basic installation
  2. Setup authentication
  3. Setup with LDAP module
  4. How to translate

Features & Changelog

Planned (Next release)

  • Spanish translation (by Jacobo Domínguez)

Since 1.5.2

  • Added user-provider for DIGEST authentication (Beta, by Stefan G.)
  • Added support for pre-defined repository structure definition (trunk, branches, tags)
  • Reworked SVN client and admin classes. Should fix “browsing” issues on repository view page.
  • Fixed Unicode LDAP connection issues.

Since 1.5.1

  • Repository browsing works on Windows and Unix platforms now.
  • The BASIC authentication module supports the complete “passwd” file format (CRYPT, MD5-APR1, SHA)
  • GUI improvements.

Since 1.5

  • The table filter no longer hides the table footer buttons. (Searches over the hole row now)
  • All user-, group-, repository- and access-path tables have a filter now.
  • The “selectAll()” function of tables now only selects the visible rows.
  • The Repository-Add link is not longer shown, if the RepositoryEditProviderType is OFF.
  • The repository browser supports all Unicode characters and shows the latest author + revision.
  • New translation: Chinese (by Sean Chan)

Since 1.4

  • Project-Manager support
  • ACL permissions, managed by pre-defined roles
  • Usability improvements of long lists
  • Settings/Setup page
  • Change password support (only for “passwd” User-Edit-Provider)
  • Added a tiny front-page (with 1.5 it will show latest Subversion logs)
  • Fixed: Spaces in path’s no longer causes problems

Since 1.3

  • Multi language user interface

Since 1.2

  • New user friendly layout
  • Repository management support
  • Browse repositories for an easier creation of new Access-Paths

Since 1.1

  • LDAP integration for users and groups.

Since 1.0 beta 2

  • Better permission overview on user- and group-view pages
  • Basic authentication module, which works with all user, group and permission modules

Since 1.0 beta

  • User management
  • Group management
  • Assign users to groups
  • Access-Path management
  • Assign users and groups to access-paths

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