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Minecraft – Fuji Television

Hey everyone!

As this is my first post on this blog I’ll introduce myself shortly.
I’m Chris, I’m a member of the insaneFactory group and I sometimes build way too large objects and buildings in Minecraft when I’m bored.

There… Short enough for my taste.

I’m going to start this post off with some pictures of my latest Minecraft project which I just finished (at least in MY mind). It’s the Fuji Television Headquarters in Tokyo (Japan) which is located in the North-Western part of Tokyo Bay. But enough beating around the bush, here are the pictures:

And since I’m sure that hardly anyone of you has ever seen the actual building:

I know it does not look EXACTLY like the original, but I was just too lazy to insert the 3-4 missing elevators. As far as time is concerned; I think I spent roughly 10 hours on it. I built the whole thing pre-1.9 so I did not use the new creative mode and to build the actual building I did not use World Edit either (just flattened the surroundings to get a good screenshot).

Having completed the building I’m actually at a loss of ideas what to do next. It will, however, definitely be something coming from Japan. If YOU have any creative comments or ideas I should build just leave a comment.

Well, that’s all I got. Read you all next post!