What We’ve Been Up To

It’s been a while since we last posted… anything, really. Quite a while ago I claimed we were working on a file transfer program. Well, we actually did. It was kinda working and then we lost interest. Looking back now, I realize we made a couple mistakes, both in design and implementation – but we are here to learn, right?

Time has passed and we’ve now been working on another Qt-based project for roughly a year. There have, of course, been periods of inactivity in between. This is a hobby project after all.

The original idea was to create a video-conference plugin for Teamspeak 3. Manu already talked about it a while back on his (German) blog. However, the project has not just evolved from a plugin to a stand-alone video-conferencing software, but also a more generic communication platform.

StreamWallOne of the primary design choices is not to force the user to register an account at a service, as so many other companies do. However, we do plan to offer a basic service, so that users without a server of their own can use the program.

The base application will be very similar to an instant messaging client. The file transfer functionality of our previous project will also find a place here. Both audio and video can be enabled as desired.

No ETA on when we will be finished or even just ready for an official beta. There are still quite a few obvious features missing or incomplete.

CMake with Qt4 on Windows 8

A few days ago i installed Windows 8 on my desktop computer. Today i checked out some of my C++ projects to build them, but the *.vcproj file generation of CMake didn’t work, because of the following error message by the FindQt4.cmake script:

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Social Engine (MySQL) search problems

A few weeks ago i installed a new document plugin into my SocialEngine environment and after a couple days some customers mentioned that they can’t find their uploaded documents by the search box.

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Qt HTTP Request in a single function

Qt often requires to implement custom slot methods which are invoked from the event queue, so does the QNetworkAccessManager. In some cases it is useful to handle a complete HTTP request in a single method, instead of implementing some custom slots which handle the HTTP traffic.

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iF.SVNAdmin 1.6.1 released – CRITICAL

I have just released the 1.6.1 as a critical bug fix release. Everyone who used 1.6.0 should upgrade to this version, otherwise your Subversion authorization file may get damaged, if you unassign a user from an Access-Path.

Download here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/ifsvnadmin/files/

iF.SVNAdmin 1.6.0 released

After a long time its done. The newest version 1.6.0 is now released. You can download it from the sourceforge.net or download/fork from GitHub project page.

Short list of changes:
Issues 1.6.0 on GitHub
(+ a lot more which are not tracked)

Whats about the documentation with the new configuration possibilities?
I work on it and will probably upload it to the new project page today.

PHP 5.4 Released

Finally PHP 5.4 has been released!
It contains the bug fix for the actually missing feature to receive more than 1000 items from LDAP server. I will build in the new paged LDAP search results support to iF.SVNAdmin as soon as possible and provide it as new release.

Update: The current trunk of iF.SVNAdmin source supports more than 1000 users now (with PHP 5.4)!

SocialEngine Ning Import

A few weeks ago i created a small Java program which makes it possible to merge multiple Ning-Portals into one Social-Engine Community site by merging the backup files of all Ning-Portals into one (because Social-Engine can only import one Ning-Portal).

Well… today i tried to import a backup with about 15.000 members (including profile information and profile pictures) and got a “Memory Exceeded” error. Ok, until here no problem. Changing the “memory_limit” in php.ini file should fix the problem…

it doesn’t…

Well… very long story and a lot of terrifying emotions later i found out that there is not call to ini_set(‘memory_limit’, ‘128M’), but in the “<SE_ROOT>/install/” directory is a .htaccess file with the following block:

<IfModule mod_php5.c>
php_value   post_max_size         100M
php_value   upload_max_filesize   100M
php_value   max_input_time        600
php_value   max_execution_time    600
php_value   memory_limit          128M

Commenting out (or increase) the “php_value memory_limit XXX” row finally fixed the problem and i was able to import the huge amount of data.

At least, I really have no idea why the SE team decided to set those values for the Import-Tools (Admin-Only) but nowhere else for the public accessible pages.

iF.SVNAdmin sources on GitHub

I decided to host the sources of iF.SVNAdmin on GitHub. It provides a better way for contributions and user commits (forks and pull-requests).

I made a lot of changes since the last release, which are actually not 100% compatible. What means that you should prefer a clean install, but copy the “config/config.ini” and “config/userroleassignments.ini” files.

Note: It’s not an official release of a new version.

The biggest change is the deletion of the custom Template Engine and a new way to handle Exceptions. I also made a few bug fixes to the LDAP interface, but still have encoding problems when using LDAPv2-Protocol (Protocol version 3 works great with AD!).

Project on GitHub:

Thanks again for all patches i recieved.