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A group of passionate developers who likes to play with new technologies and building tools for every-day use. You may follow us on our Twitter accounts: /

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Our current projects

TS3VIDEO extends the already great voice communication software TeamSpeak with video conferencing functionality. The project provides the streaming-server and client-plugin component.
The iF.SVNAdmin application is a web based GUI to your Subversion authorization file. It is based on PHP 5.3 and requires a web server (Apache) to be installed. The application doesn’t need a database back end or anything similar, it is completely based on the Subversion authorization- and user authentication file. (Inludes LDAP support for users and groups)
RC Persistent Login
This server-side plugin is useful for all Roundcube users who don’t like to log into their mail account each time they open their browser. The plugin stores a persistent login cookie which automatically logs the user in the next time he or she visits the Roundcube web mailer.
HumbleLogging (C/C++)
HumbleLogging is a lightweight C++ logging framework. It aims to be extendible, easy to understand and as fast as possible.